Courses with Dr. King

BIO 462 – Neurobiology. Designed to give students a broad understanding of fundamental concepts allowing central nervous system function. We cover anatomical, cellular, molecular, biochemical, developmental, and comparative aspects of neurobiology. Fall semester only.

BIO 463 – Neurobiology Laboratory. A practical in neuroanatomy and cell/molecular neurobiological techniques. As the first neurobiology laboratory course most neuroscience majors will take, this lab course hits on two major themes: 1) understanding the complex and unique anatomy of the brain and 2) gaining practical experience to execute and understand methods that are critical to discovering new information about the brain. Fall semester only.

NES 464/ BIO 464 – Neurobiology of disease. An exploration of the cellular and molecular events that underlie disorders of the brain, current areas of active research investigation, and discussion of the ethical issues that arise from these diseases.This course will apply and expand student’s cell and molecular biology knowledge to the nervous system.  To recognize neurological disease requires knowledge of its clinical manifestation.  To understand neurological disease, its progression, and discover novel way treat and eventually cure neurological disease, requires detailed knowledge of the cellular and molecular underpinnings of the disorders.  Students will revisit concepts first encountered in pre-requisite courses and apply them to the function and activity of the brain and to circumstances where normal biology breaks down.  Spring semester only.

BIO 362 – Cell Structure and Function. Everything cool happens because proteins work within your cells to do the work of life and everything in it. While genetics covers what happens in the nucleus, this course covers the rest of the cell. We will first discuss basics important to all cells and then we will focus on unique qualities that make cells of the brain amazing. Offered Spring, Summer, and Fall but Dr. King teaches Spring semester only.

NES 510 – Neurophysiology lab. This laboratory course is focused on delivering extensive instruction and exploration of neurophysiology and neural basis of behavior with emphasis on the mastering of techniques used within the field of neuroscience to evaluate electrical activity and intracellular communication within the nervous system. The course is designed to build upon and allow for mastering of neurophysiology concepts and techniques learned in BIO 463, Neurobiology Laboratory. While Drs. King and Shibata direct the course, it is team-taught drawing upon diverse expertise of instructors to deliver a comprehensive course using both invertebrate and vertebrate models for the study of neurophysiology. And of course, this course meets the Magis Core writing designation by guiding students through the generation of a hypothesis and grant writing process. Spring semester only.

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