Gwendalyn King, Ph.D., grew up on Loveland, CO. She earned her B.S. in Molecular Biology from the Purdue University School of Science. There she got her first taste of discovery science, investigating leech nerve cord regeneration as her honors thesis research. She obtained her Neuroscience M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan School of Medicine where she studied protein:protein interactions with the amyloid precursor protein. Her first postdoctoral fellowship was at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles developing gene therapeutic approaches to treating glioma. Her second postdoctoral fellowship focused on normal brain aging at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. King joined the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2011 as an Assistant Professor. There she mentored Ph.D., post-bac, and undergraduate students through their honors or dissertation research, published numerous peer-reviewed papers, directed the Summer Program in Neuroscience, and taught for the undergraduate neuroscience program and graduate in biomedical sciences graduate program. She joined the Department of Biology faculty at Creighton in July of 2019. Having personally seen the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Frontotemporal dementia, and ALS in her own family, Dr. King is committed to discovery level research to treat and prevent devastating neurodegenerative diseases.

Anna Boatman was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a Creighton sophomore majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track with a strong interest in psychology and neuroscience.  Anna’s interest in the brain, stems from her shadowing experience where she has seen first-hand the impact that those working in geriatric psychiatry can make. Anna hopes to go to medical school to become a pediatric psychiatrist with a particular interest in working with adolescent women. She is a nanny (for the two cutest little kids!) and intern at a psychiatric office. At Creighton she works with New Student Orientation, Colleges against Cancer, and is a member of both Delta Zeta (Theta Eta) and a Christian Life Community. She has the insane goal of working out for 16,425 minutes in 2019 …..which makes us wonder if she’s going to be really annoying to have around.

Tenhir Iyer is a double major in Neuroscience and Philosophy on a pre-med track. He is from San Jose, CA. Having first been fascinated by neurological disorders during a 4th Grade Career Day speaker, Tenhir has worked hard to confirm his interest in neuroscience and goal of becoming a Neurologist. When he is not studying, Tehnir enjoys running, playing basketball, cooking, reading, extensively partaking in meme culture, and complaining about the weather (poor California boy just can’t hack it in Omaha). At Creighton, Tenhir works with University admissions, tutors at the Communications Center, and is a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Tavian Sanchez is from Sergeant Bluff, IA. He is studying Neuroscience with minors in psychology and Spanish. He aspires to be a physician scientist working to bring research from the lab bench to the exam room. Tavian’s interest in the brain stemmed from his personal experience of his grandma’s cognitive decline . In the lab, Tavian hopes to gain experience and knowledge into discovering ways to not only treat but also prevent neurological disease. Tavian works as a marketing intern for Creighton Athletics and as an online tutor for ACT prep. When not studying or working, Tavian is probably watching soccer, drinking coffee, streaming YouTube, or even scrolling through TikTok. In Omaha, Tavian is an active attendee of My City Church and experimenter of the city’s food scene.

Nicholas Sande is from Owatonna, MN. He is studying Neuroscience with a minor in mathematics, on the pre-med track, and a member of the CCAS Honors Program. His interest in neuroscience was sparked by shadowing experience with physicians and neuropsychologists in a concussion clinic. Introduction to literature on CTE while working in the clinic led to an intrigue in neurodegenerative disease. Outside of scholastic undergraduate life, Nicholas enjoys working with New Student Orientation, swimming with the swim club, and going to Sozo Coffeehouse.

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