Dr. King’s publications while training

So P, Zeldich E, Seyb KI, Huang MM, Concannon JB, King GD, Chen C, Cuny GD, Glicksman MA, Abraham CR. Lowering of amyloid beta peptide production with a small molecule inhibitor of amyloid beta precursor protein dimerization. Am J Neurodegener Dis. (2012) 1(1):75-87. PMCID: PMC3401075

Candolfi M, King GD, Yagiz K, Curtin JF, Mineharu Y, Foulad D, Kroeger KM, Barnett N, Josien R, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Plasmacytoid dendritic cells int eh tumor microenvironment: immune targets for glioma therapeutics. Neoplasia. (2012)14(8):757-70. PMCID:PMC3431182

King GD, Rosene D, Abraham CR. Promoter methylation and age-related downregulation of klotho in rhesus monkey. Age (Dordr). (2012); 34(6):1405-19 Sep 16. , PMID:21939436. PMC3528360

King GD, Huang M, Schuman E, Chen CD, Cuny G, Glicksman M, Abraham CR. Identification of novel small molecules to modulate transcription of Klotho. Biochem J. (2012) Jan 1;441(1):453-61. PMID:21939436. PMC3677209 

King GD, Muhammad AK, Larocque D, Kelson KR, Xiong W, Liu C, Sanderson NS, Kroeger KM, Castro MG, Lowenstein PR. Combined Flt3L/TK gene therapy induces immunological surveillance which mediates and immune response against a surrogate brain tumor neoantigen. Molecular Therapy (2011) 19(10): 1793-801. PMID: 21505426 PMCID PMC3188756 

Mineharu Y, King GD, Muhammad AK, Bannykh S, Kroeger KM, Liu C, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Engineering the brain tumor microenvironment enhances the efficacy of dendritic cell vaccination: implications for clinical trial design. Clinical Cancer Research (2011) 17 (14):4705-18. PMID: 21632862 PMCID PMC3208508

Muhammad AK, Candolfi M, King GD, Yagiz F, Foulad D, Mineharu Y, Kroeger KM, Treuer KA, Nichols WS, Sanderson NS, Yang J, Khayznikof M, Van Rooijen N, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Antiglioma immunological memory in response to clinical cytotoxic/immune-stimulatory gene therapy: humoral and cellular immunity lead to tumor regression. Clinical Cancer Research (2009) 15(19):6113-27. PMID:19789315 PMCID PMC2796687

Candolfi M, Yagiz K, Foulad D, Alzadeh GE, Tesarfreund M, Muhammad AK, Puntel M, Kroeger KM, Liu C, Lee S, Curtin JF, King GD, Lerner J, Sato K, Mineharu Y, Xiong W, Lowenstein P, Castro MG. Release of HMGB1 in response to proapoptotic glioma killing strategies: efficacy and neurotoxicity. Clinical Cancer Research (2009) 15(13):4401-14. PMID:19570774 PMCID PMC2769255

King GD, Muhammad AKM, Xiong W, Kroeger KM, Puntel M, Larocque D, Palmer D, Ng P, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. High-capacity adenoviral vector-mediated anti-glioma gene therapy in the presence of systemic anti-adenovirus immunity. Journal of Virology (2008) 82(9):4680-4. PMID: 18287240 PMCID PMC2293067

King GD, , Kroeger KM, Bresee CJ, Candolfi M, Liu C, Manalo CM, Muhammad AKM, Pechnick RN, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Flt3L in combination with HSV1-TK- mediated gene therapy reverses brain tumor-induced behavioral deficits. Molecular Therapy (2008) 16(4):682-90. PMID: 18283279 PMCID PMC2593113

King GD, Muhammad AKM, CurtinJF, Barcia C, Puntel M, Liu C, Candolfi M, Honig SB, Mondkar S, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Flt3L and HSV1-TK eradicate multifocal glioma in a syngeneic glioblastoma model. Neuro-oncology; (2008) 10(1):19-31. PMID: 18079358 PMCID PMC2600834

Barcia C, Jimenez-Dalmaroni M, Kroeger KM, Puntel M, Rappaport A, Larocque D, King GD, Johnson SA, Liu C, Xiong W, Candolfi M, Mondkar S, Ng P, Palmer D, Castro MG, Lowenstein PR. One-year expression from high-capacity adenoviral vectors in the brains of animals with pre-existing anti-adenoviral immunity: clinical implications.   Molecular Therapy; (2007) 15(12):2154-63. PMID: 17895861 PMCID PMC2268647

Candolfi M, Curtin JF, Nichols WS, Muhammad AG, King GD, Pluhar GE, McNeil EA, Ohlfest JR, Freese AB, Moore PF, Lerner J, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Intracranial glioblastoma models in preclinical neuro-oncology: neuropathological characterization and tumor progression. Journal of Neurooncology (2007) 85(2):133-48. PMID: 17874037 PMCID PMC2384236

Barcia C, Thomas CE, Curtin JF, King GD, Wawrowsky, K, Candolfi M, Xiong W, Liu C, Kroeger KM, Boyer O, Kupiec-Weglinski J, Klatzmann D, Castro MG, and Lowenstein PR. In vivo mature immunological synapses forming SMACs mediate clearance of virally infected astrocytes from the brain. Journal of Experimental Medicine; (2006) 203: 2095-107. PMID: 16923851 PMCID PMC1997281 

Curtin JF, King GD, Barcia C, Liu C, Hubert FX, Guillonneau C, Josien R, Anegon I, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Flt3 ligand recruits plasmacytoid dendritic cells to the brain. Journal of Immunology (2006) 176: 3566 – 3577. PMID: 16517725 PMCID PMC1592227

Xiong W., Goverdhana S., Sciascia S.A., Candolfi M., Zirger J.M., Barcia C., Curtin J.F., King G.D., Jaita G., Liu C., Kroeger K., Ng P., Palmer D., Agadjanian H., Medina-Kauwe L., Lowenstein P.R., and Castro M.G. Regulatable Gutless Adenovirus Vectors are Capable of Regulating Transgene Expression in the Brain in the Presence of an Immune Response Against Adenoviruses. Journal of Virology (2006) 80: 27-37. PMID: 16352528 PMCID PMC1317549

Ali S*, King GD*, Curtin JF, , Xiong W, Puntel M, Liu C, Cheng Q, Prieto J, Lassmann H, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Combined immune-stimulation and conditional cytotoxic gene therapy provide long-term survival in a macroscopic glioma model. Cancer Research, (2005) 65 (16) :7194-204. PMID: 16103070

Ali S, Curtin JF, Zirger JM, Xiong W, King GD, Barcia C, Liu C, Puntel M, Goverdhana S, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Inflammatory and anti-glioma effects of an adenovirus expressing human soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand (hsFlt3L): treatment with hsFlt3L inhibits intracranial glioma progression. Molecular Therapy, (2004) 10 (6):1071-84. PMID: 15564139

King GD, Perez RG, Steinhilb ML, Gaut JR, Turner RS. X11α modulates secretory and endocytic metabolism of the Amyloid Precursor Protein. Neuroscience. (2003)120, 143-154. PMID: 1284974

King GD, Cherian K, Turner RS. X11α impairs γ- but not β-secretase cleavage of Amyloid Precursor Protein. Journal of Neurochemistry, (2005) 88 (4):971-82. PMID: 14756819

Reviews (* indicates joint first authorship designated)
Castro MG, Candolfi M, Kroeger KM, King GD, Curtin JF, Yagiz K, Mineharu Y, Assi H, Wibowo M, Muhammad AK, Foulad D, Puntel M, Lowenstein PR. Gene therapy and targeted toxins for glioma. Current Gene Therapy (2011) 11(3):155-80. PMID:21453286

King GD*, Curtin JF*, Candolfi M, Kroeger K, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Gene Therapy and Targeted Toxins for Glioma. Current Gene Therapy (2005) 5:535-557. PMID: 16457645

Curtin JF*, King GD*, Candolfi M, Greeno RB, Kroeger KM, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG.   Combining cytotoxic and immune-mediated gene therapy to treat brain tumors. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (2005) 5(12):1151-70. PMID: 16248789

Goverdhana S, Puntel M, Xiong W, Zirger JM, Barcia C, Curtin JF, Soffer EB, Mondkar S, King GD, Hu J, Sciascia SA, Candolfi M, Greengold DS, Lowenstein PR, Castro MG. Regulatable gene expression systems for gene therapy applications: progress and future challenges. Molecular Therapy. (2005) 12(2):189-211. PMID: 15946903 

King GD, Turner RS. Adaptor protein interactions: modulators of Amyloid Precursor Protein metabolism and Alzheimer’s disease risk? Experimental Neurology. (2004)185: 208-19. PMID: 14736502

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