Creighton Brain Day #1

It was supposed to be a 2020 thing but we all know what happened to 2020, now, don’t we? Success came in 2022 though when students from Omaha Central, Millard North, Lewis Central, and Mount Michael High Schools spent Saturday, February 5th 2022 at Creighton taking a written exam over the material in the Brain Facts book, touring Creighton (eating in the dining hall… yes it was good… would we feed visitors bad?), touring Creighton science labs, and then: dissecting sheep brains, viewing histological slides, and recording neuronal function. The final event of the day was an oral round pitting participant against participant to determine who won our nomination to compete at the National Brain Bee April 9, 2022. Deeksha Sridher of Millard North won and will be representing our region for the first time ever, at the National Bee.

We will be back! We already have more high schools signed on for 2022-2023. Best be preparing now, competition will be more rigorous as Omaha/Council Bluffs gets serious about the CNS!

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