Getting Ivy covered in the King lab

Words cannot express how much I’m going to miss the guy gang that has anchored the reestablishment of the King lab at Creighton. With only a semester before Covid changed everything, Tavian, David, and Nick (not pictured) got us back and made advances well beyond imagination.

And now… they are moving on. Its going to hurt… a lot. And yet I am so proud I could explode on any given day.

Last week at college wide CURAS Graduate School Signing Day we got public confirmation of the decisions that have been occupying all our minds for many months now.

David Amorim Caldas is pursuing a MA in Medical Anthropology at Harvard University.

Tavian Sanchez is pursuing an MD/Ph.D. intending to become a pediatric neurologist and neuroimmunologist.

VERY IVY in the King lab!

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