Can Bluejays eat birds?

Annual “eat a bird day” is more complicated at Creighton than it was at UAB. The Blazers, well that’s not an actual thing… unless I’m missed a local population of dragons. Creighton though we’re the Bluejays and so there was just a little misgiving celebrating for the 10th annual King lab: Eat a Bird Day event. We still did…. and the fried chicken was a nice break from an intense summer of research and discovery!

Not familiar with “Eat a Bird Day”? Its not widely recognized but it marks the day when Dr. King was chased down the street by a territorial Mockingbird pecking her head and ended up head first into a building support beam. Thankfully, she wasn’t “hurt” in terms of long-term damage but she’s got a super scar and pictures to say she was one weird ER patient that day! She also has an excellent story about peripheral vs central nerve damage! So why celebrate something awful? She was ok and by having an annual Eat a Bird Day event, we have a reason to pause and the bird got her once, but only that one time!

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