Jays for Dignity, year 1.

Not sure even we thought it was going to work but Nu Rho Psi did it! We sent four, stuffed to the rafters box trucks of recycled materials to our partners, Furniture Project and Restoring Dignity! With only days to launch the campaign we found a theme, planned and executed 3 waves of on campus advertising, and like a true team, executed the FIRST EVER drive by students to keep gently used items out of the dumpster and push them to those in our community in need. Furniture Project, founded by Drew Gerken (an actual Superman, we’ve literally seen it), serves Omaha providing what is needed to reestablish after crisis. Meanwhile Restoring Dignity supports the local community but also specifically works to support refugees resettling in Omaha. Regardless of the useless political sentiments out there, if I have a new neighbor who ran for their life and wants to start over from 0, here next to me, I feel called to do what I can! And so we did. Facing RECORD BREAKING heat and humidity, at times we thought Creighton students wouldn’t come through… and then we’d see a couch walking down the mall (96o at that moment). The first day of the drive, our crew of 8 women were in EVERY dumpster at Creighton, saving futons and lamps! Day 3 KMTV 3 News Now covered loading of the first truck and repeatedly played our story with anchors commenting in a way that will hopefully inspire others to consider supporting these fantastic local non-profits. (KETV newswatch 7 also came, but they only played the story once and I don’t have a link!). Some materials came off the truck and were directly placed into the hands of those that could use them. Other items were selected from the warehouse, giving people a way to sleep off the ground for the first time in a long time. I am proud we found a way to get the word out over the noise and chaos of the end of the semester. I am proud we did something that hasn’t been done, the hardest job is going first! But I am mostly proud of our members, people gave up time and a lot of sweat during finals and senior week celebrations to really BE Creighton. Well done everyone! Hydrate and rest… but not for long, we have much more to do!

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