David Amorim Caldas, BS

Am I getting short, it feels like I’m getting short…. I guess more pictures in a few weeks than normal makes you aware of how big your “guys” are but… I think I’m shrinking. Then again maybe its having your heart ripped out when so many of your guys all up and leave… sigh, professor life.

David graduated with his BS this weekend and is off on a wild adventure with the Brazilian family who have missed him so much. David is a double major, Neuroscience and Medical Anthropology. His work in lab has expanded our neurogenesis work to a new niche. His even bigger gift to the lab is his enthusiasm. In a world full of muted responses, David is on FIRE. He grew, noticeably in depth of understanding especially this last year and, I hope, will take his passion for discovery and do crazy amazing things. This man has a heart, a brain, and a set of soft skills that makes him an incredible networking genius. He will spend the next phase at Harvard pursuing, at least at first, an MS in Medical Anthropology that, I hope, will be used to better neurodegenerative disease patient life.

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