Tavian Sanchez, BS

Tavian Sanchez… first Creighton King laboratory student to graduate. He graduates with a stupid high GPA, Goldwater Fellowship, and direct acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania MD/Ph.D. program and a paper still to be submitted but SO MUCH data, so much data… I know have to sort on my own. Who let this man graduate? Tavian is brilliant on a level that I cannot wait to see unleashed into the world. And in a world where lots of smart people are kinda jerks…. Tavian is one of the good ones. Competitive, hard-working, kind, generous, hilarious, knows who he is and what he stands for and both listens and hears. Cleaning off the bench led to another round of all the emotions all at once so we’ll stick with… “he was here first”, proud!

Pictures explained: Surprised the University President requesting an on-stage selfie (first to do so… probably not allowed again….), drawing was one of many examples where interlab competition lead to greatness, graduation selfie… normal, graduation selfie… reversing our Goldwater poses (then: me, screaming; him, in shock; now me:in shock; him: happy!)

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